Welcome to REO Town!

Located south of downtown Lansing, REO Town is home to an eclectic mix of business owners and residents who work hard to shape our welcoming, supportive little corner of the world. As the REO Town Commercial Association (RTCA), we strive to facilitate community success, bringing passionate people together for the better of us all. 

Whether you’re looking to establish yourself and your business or become a regular at your favorite store, there are a variety of ways to get involved and stay involved within REO Town.

Our Mission

The RTCA, alongside residents, business owners and patrons, strives continuously to create an exciting, energetic and auspicious environment in the REO Town district. Our mission is to authentically provide a safe place to eat, play and work.

Our History

The REO Town commercial corridor is named after the automobile visionary, Ransom Eli Olds, the founder of Oldsmobile and the REO Motor Company. Our neighborhood is considered to be the birthplace of the commercial automobile in the U.S. and R.E. Olds was the first entrepreneur to employ the assembly line in automobile manufacturing! REO Town was also the birthplace of Lansing before it was designated as the state capital and development moved to Old Town in 1847.

The REO Town Commercial Association (RTCA) was formed in 2001. Our community was an overlooked and underutilized section of the city and we have been hard at work reviving the economic and cultural potential our neighborhood possesses. The RTCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and is supported completely by membership dues, grants, event income, and a whole lot of volunteer muscle power.

Our Board of Directors

Rebecca Douglas, Riverpoint Neighborhood (President)
Dan Nunez, Wheel House Studio (Vice-President)
Michael Austin, At Large (Secretary)
Amy McMeeken, Vintage Junkies (Treasurer)

Dylan Rogers, The Robin Theatre
Jeff Barker, Barkford Legal
Ken Jones, Studio Intrigue Architects
Paul Trowbridge, Cuttin’ Up Barbershop
Tiffany Nordé, Rock the Block Studio