Alt Printing

Tony and Kristen are the two giant hippies who spend their nights in their print shop, laughing, listening to music, and loving what they do, which is to make awesome shirts. In their shop, there is something for everyone and anyone. 

Shirts can be humorous or trendy if you pay attention to their blog, and the baby section is downright cute. It’s the perfect shop to visit to clear your holiday shopping list if you’re looking for that perfect gift for the hardest person to buy. 

Opened in the summer of 2015, the owners use their design backgrounds to express themselves in their respective mediums. Environmentally safe chemicals are used in the printing process in addition to utilizing Royal Apparel and Bella +Canvas, two companies well known for their progressive approach to eco-friendly business practices, as our shirt suppliers. 

They started this company in pursuit of another life for themselves. After spending seven years chasing the societal expectation of going to college to get the job that they would spend a lifetime working for someone else dreaming of their next vacation, they decided that they wanted to live happily. 

In addition to the graphic t-shirt service, they also offer a screen-printing services section so email them with questions.